light on light

… alone in the dark but now … you’ve come along … you light up my life …

My fridge, not surprisingly, has a light inside. Sometimes I even open the fridge to light up that side of the kitchen because the light switch is on the other side of the room. It’s useful.

Actually, that reminds of the smart ass line my brother used to use when we were kids: “Why don’t you go sit in the fridge and see if the light goes out when the door shuts!” But, I digress.

My clothes dryer has a light inside. My washer and dryer are in my garage. The rocket scientist who installed the garage door opener decided that he’d wire it into the switch for the light in my garage, so if I turn off the light at the switch, my garage door won’t move. Sometimes, when I’m out in the garage at night, instead of climbing up and over my car to pull the chain attached to the ceiling light, I open the dryer to light things up a bit. It’s useful.

So, why, if my fridge and dryer have lights in them, don’t my washing machine and the freezer on top of my fridge? I was wondering that last night when the dryer had clothes tumbling and I was loading the washing machine in the dark — there’s a movement sensor light out there, but it goes off after a minute, and my dog refused to run around and set it off again. While the laundry was doing its thing, it was time for dinner. Open the freezer, hey! No light here either.

So, who decides which appliances get lights and which ones don’t? Is one more light-worthy than another, or am I just buying the cheap ones?

Maybe I’ll write Mr Kenmore or Mr Frigidaire and find out. While I’m at it, maybe I’ll get an electrician in to fix things up.

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  1. hey you 🙂

    glad you write more often that i first thought, have missed your unique sense of logic. if you ever feel like seeing my friends only entries, lemme know the nick and i’ll add you (downside is you need to sign up to dd, even tho you don’t have to write a diary but trust me, the friends only entries are not that worth it 😉

    i’m just happy to be able to keep up with your life mate


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