hirsute? you beaut!

… say can you see … my eyes if you can … then my hair’s too short …

Do the guys on the hair restoration ads really believe that their new crops of follicles actually look real?  Some look like shag carpet, some look like farm forests (if you’ve ever seen a paper farm, with all the trees growing in lines, you’ll know what I mean), some look like ferrets crawled up the guys back and settled in on their cranium.  Regardless of their form, it must be said that almost all look ridiculous.

There are also seemingly numerous companies all claiming to be the “only” proven way to restore natural hair.  Yes, I know, I watch too much TV!  It’s crazy though — I thought that fact-checking was supposed to be done on commercials before they were allowed to be aired.

It’s a good thing that I have plenty of my own hair, or I might be tempted to try one of these out, so my head could make people point and laugh.  Oh, hang on, people do that already, and I didn’t even have to spray-paint my bald spot!

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