motoring madness

… beep beep … beep beep … yeah …

I was driving home the other night and while sitting at a red light, the driver behind me starting randomly honking his horn. I looked in the mirror and the guy wasn’t even looking in my direction. I tried to work out why he might have been doing it, but had no idea — the light was still red, there was nowhere for me to go, my lights were on, no indicator flashing. I was stumped, and he seemed focused on something on his passenger seat anyway.

When the light changed, we took off, and the random honking continued for a little bit and then stopped. At the next light, it started up again, but now he was in the lane next to me. I turned off that road, cut through some back streets to make a stop at an ATM, and when I pulled back on to a main road closer to home, I hit another red light. All of a sudden, this honking starts again, I look up and there is the same car.

At that moment, it dawned on me that it wasn’t the driver (who had both hands on the top of the steering wheel), his car had Tourette’s!

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