no 30 minute guarantee here

… operator … information … don’t try to tell me … what number to call …

I’m lucky enough to have a phone number that’s very similar to a Domino’s Pizza in my neighborhood. So, on a weekly basis, I get a call or two asking “is this Domino’s?” Usually, I politely let them know that, no, it’s not their pizza place, and that they have the wrong number.

Tonight, I took an order. “That’ll be $14.95. It’ll be there in 30 to 35 minutes. Have a nice night.”

I wonder if they’ll hit redial in about an hour and leave me a nasty message on my voicemail.

5 Replies to “no 30 minute guarantee here”

  1. Damnit, now I know why I never got my pizza…

    So you never told me if they called back. You should have asked them if they wanted any Newcastle with their order.

  2. hey bro, thanks for stopping by (i’m guessing that was you). been meaning to check up on you again and see how you’re doing. so, how are you doing apart from having a night job for dominos pizzas? 😉 doing great here, life seems to be very busy and full of variety at present but thats a beautiful thing

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