mmm, donuts

… I’m hot, sticky sweet … from my head to my feet …

I stopped in at the local Albertsons on my way home from dinner the other night. The first thing you see when you walk in the door is the Krispy Kreme buffet, only tonight something was very different. There was a swarm of what could have been locusts, but turned out to be EVA Air flight attendants, absolutely picking it dry. There were elbows being thrown and pushing and shoving, even the odd harsh word — ok, not really, but there was some quiet words being said between the pack. My first thought was, “I wish I had a camera.”

I ran into one of the petite, Taiwanese ladies in the milk section. I was getting some fat-free milk. She was getting some Hershey’s chocolate milk — to add to the potato chips, chocolate chip cookies and aforementioned Krispy Kreme donuts that she already had in her basket. “Looks like a healthy dinner,” I quipped. She just looked at me like I was speaking a different language, which I probably was.

The guy at the checkout counter looked down at what I’d bought, so I said, “No Krispy Kremes left.” He laughed and told me that it happened a few nights a week, that they basically clean it out whenever they stop in on their way from the airport to their hotel.

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