… inhale … inhale … you’re the victim …

I was driving home from a football match yesterday, down the busy 405. Traffic was banked up pretty tightly and I looked across at the car and driver on my right side. The driver, a woman about 60-ish, was wearing a respirator. No, not one of those full-on gas masks, more the kind that someone who works with chemicals might wear. While I’m guessing it was probably so that she could handle some kind of serious allergy to the pollution that hangs over this city, I was more worried by the fact that she must have had very limited visibility with that thing on her noggin. Honestly, I hate having the slightest thing hindering my vision when I’m driving, so to have a respirator on would be very difficult.

I just hope she doesn’t hit someone that she can’t see. Might be time to find someone else to drive, methinks.

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