constant sorrow

… I am a man of constant sorrow … I’ve seen trouble, all my days …

I’m a simple man. I have my simple pleasures, and overall, a simple life.

I have my family (in a distant country) and my friends (all over the place) and I love them all. I miss them all, those who aren’t nearby and those who are but I don’t see. I keep them close — in my heart and mind at least.

Then I have these other people. People whom I wish to be close, but they stay distant because that’s who they are. They are distant from me, for some reason. In my own heart, they may just be closer than they think, and closer than I can bear at times.

I’m not the most perceptive, or intelligent, or even paranoid guy, but there are times that I think that people are looking at me. That they are wondering about me, who I am and what I’m thinking. That they might be contemplating just who I might be, and how they might begin talking to me.

Then again, maybe not.

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